The Session:

Flexibility is at the core of what I offer. Some want a short, easy session. Some have locations that are spread out or want sessions at different times of the year, requiring a two day shoot. Either way, you're covered.


The Standard - 250.00

 2-3 hour session
Multiple looks/locations
Approximately 30 final images
$750 minimum purchase - print or digital
Add on:
Additional session (i.e. different season) available for 150.00

The Mini - 150.00

1 hour session
One general location
Approximately 15-20 final images
$500 minimum purchase - print or digital

The Prints:

In an age where cellphones and social media dominate, it's easy to forget the tangible magic of actual photographic prints. No matter how nice of a screen you have, photography looks best when you can hold it in your hands or put it on your wall. Prints also survive the test of time. Even though technology changes and devices fail, the print will live on.

Because of this, I have sourced a collection of incredible printing services. You want and need the best prints to enjoy and pass on to future generations. I take pride in providing the best prints possible for every client.

Click here to download the latest PDF of print offerings.


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The session fee is due at the beginning of the session.
All items are subject to local sales tax.
Travel fees added to locations outside 60 mile radius of Jonesboro, AR.
Prices subject to change.