High School Seniors


Hey there!

First things first - I'm not a "senior photographer".  Whew! Glad to get that out of the way. I'm actually a commercial photographer that does work for large companies, colleges, etc.

Because of this, I don't approach the "senior portrait" the same way as other people. For one, I don't do a ton of these, so I'm not trying to crank out as many sessions as possible. You get individualized attention and care. Portraits are one those things that excite me because each one is different. I like to celebrate those differences and provide a unique look and experience for every one who steps in front of my lens.

I'm also game for trying out new looks and techniques. This is an ever-evolving field where fashion and cinema dictate new looks almost every week. You like something online? Send it my way and we can use that for inspiration. A session should be a collaboration and a memorable experience for both of us.

Sound like a good thing?

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