Tom & Hebron: In Parts

Back in the summer, I received a text from an old friend. We really hadn't talked in the past year, and it was time to catch up. Between talks of politics, religion and the general welfare of humanity Tom says that he and his brother Hebron have more music coming out and they need some new imagery to fit with it. 

Tom & Hebron have been featured on my site for a while, as they've always been great guys to collaborate with and have given me challenges to work toward. Instead of a complete idea of "here's what we want to showcase," they left it up to me to figure out how to show a duality that will be spread across two EPs. Part One is a feature of Hebron, Part Two is Tom's. So my job was to have them both on the cover but highlight one of the brothers.


We started with simple portraits on white, moving to more complex images with movement and shadow, and finally just playing around with color and motion and...well, just throwing stuff to see what would stick. 

In the end, for Part One at least, simplicity won out. But I'm sure we'll see a few these others creep in eventually.

Matthew WaltonComment