Tom & Hebron for the Win!

Last winter I had the awesome opportunity to shoot the cover and promo art for Tom & Hebron's sophomore album, Zoyugo with my coworkers at Workhorse Creative. Well, this past Saturday, I'm stoked to say the album and promo materials won GOLD at the 2015 American Advertising Awards. 

ZOYUGO_packaging photos.jpg

I mention this because a) Tom & Hebron are super talented dudes, and I'm super thankful they trust me to shoot their cover; b) they braved the cold, snow and wind to shoot the cover and c) it's a great segue to remind you about their music.

Tom & Hebron have become Nashville residents and are doing what they can to push through the music industry. The industry is a highly guarded place and it's not the easiest to maneuver for success. I encourage everyone to check out both of their albums and support good dudes with a positive message.

Thanks again guys!

Matthew WaltonComment