Busy isn't even up to the task of describing the month that we've had at Workhorse. September has been an absolute blur, but we knew that going into the month. It's really been a blessing to be so inundated with work. Only good things ahead for this hardworking crew.

I've been travelling down state highways, dirt roads and crop rows. I've had the great opportunity to see some amazing light, meet good, solid people and help craft 30 second stories. Some of these adventures will be showcased in a behind-the-scenes video that should drop soon. I'll try to remember to post on here when it hits.


I've also had the good fortune of spending what downtime I've had with family. Remembering your roots is always a blessing and a humbling experience. Venturing into my grandad's warehouse was a blast. Watching him and my 2 uncles go through some of the memories was truly a memorable experience of its own.


Not forgetting the goal of interviewing people and posting their stories, I hope to have a few more stories up here by the end of October.

Until then...


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