LA LA Land - Part 2

I previously mentioned that I didn't "focus" on photography while I was on this vacation. In fact, where I would normally bring multiple options (bodies, lenses, etc.), I freed myself from that and only brought my Fujifilm X100S. Sure, it brought its own frustrations due to wanting to compress backgrounds or reach further, but the wider angle and compact body worked out great.

Yeah, that's me climbing a rope at Muscle Beach. BTW - I made it to the top.

My wife and I aren't really beach going folk. We're definitely not the toes in the sand all day type. However, I did want to check out the rock formations at the El Matador beach just north of Malibu. And of course it's almost imperative to stop by the Santa Monica Pier for a bit of exercise and people watching.

However, my wife and I are definitely perpetual students. We love visiting museums, art galleries, presidential libraries and the like. One gallery that stood out to me was The Annenberg Space for Photography. Their use of multimedia to showcase the selected works was incredible.

With dark interiors, many museums and can be a pain to shoot, but the X100S handles it superbly.

Overall, having the X100S at my side was a great way to get the "standard vacation photos" as well as photos that I can enlarge and enjoy for years to come.