LA LA Land - Part 1

There are very few places that make me want to return as soon as I leave them. Los Angeles and the surrounding coast is like that. Yes, the traffic is nuts. Yes, parking is just about impossible. Yes, everything costs way more than at home. But it doesn't matter. This place just energizes me. 

My wife and I had the opportunity to spend an incredible week in LA. We normally stay away from playing the tourist, but we decided to just go for it on this trip. Hollywood, Disneyland, the Santa Monica Pier, studio tours - we went full obvious destinations on this one.

And it was awesome.

The hardest part was not focusing on photography. This is the first vacation that didn't involve me waking up before dawn to capture a sunrise or going to some remote place to get the shot. I just went with the flow. 

And it was relaxing.

I've got more to share, so come back soon for Part 2!


I dropped my x100s at Disneyland. The camera went berserk so I didn't take many photos. Luckily, Fujifilm apparently has nanobots or elves inside that fix things. The next day it was like it never happened. Disaster averted.