I have a blank wall in my kitchen. It's been blank since my wife and I moved into this house almost 4 years ago. Well, to be honest, most of our walls have been blank, or at least sparse for quite some time. Since we are gradually becoming people who would like to host dinners in our home, I figured I needed to get to work.

So I thought to myself, "What is a simple, common thread in all kitchens?"


Even if they don't use the spices, most people at least have a nominal spice rack. So, I set out to photograph an assortment of flavors. I noticed that several spices actually look familiar. So in order to fulfill the number of photos I wanted and show a diverse palette, I began adding herbs, vegetables, kitchen tools and even a steak to the list. After a couple quick trips to the grocery store, I had my ingredients and the project was finished within the day.

I was pleased with the results. But more importantly, my wife was pleased and even excited about the end product.

I'm torn between two methods of display. The easiest is the 20x24 print you see below. But after using Artifact Uprising, I have fallen in love with their 25 square print series. I will probably print both, and if I don't display the square prints on the wall, they will at least be used for recipe cards or other such miscellany. 


A look at all of the ingredients: