CrossFit 870


I’m by no means a gym rat. I drive myself over to the gym after work about 3 times a week and get the job done. However, over the past couple months, I’ve been hanging out on the CrossFit side doing a strength and conditioning regimen. Unlike the the main gym section, there’s only a long rack system and some other toys. You basically build your workout. It’s like tinker toys with weights.

Chris Rich, the dude in charge.

Chris Rich, the dude in charge.

Of course, this allows for some cool visuals - barbell work, rings, box jumps - all cool things that I figured I could capture. So I worked with Chris Rich, the guy in charge, and we figured out a time I could get some portraits of the CrossFit 870 coaches and grab some shots during a workout.


It was pretty much a run-and-gun setup on the workout, and I used mostly speed lights to cross-light. On the portraits, I knew I wanted to use the large U.S. flag they have covering a wall as a backdrop.

I really appreciate everyone who showed up, worked hard, and let me photograph them in their pain.

To be honest though, doing this stuff in a group looks much more fun than going solo.

Check out CrossFit 870 if you’re looking to make a change. You won’t be the same after.