When I was growing up, working on the farm with my uncle and grandad was a normal activity. Most weekends would include feeding cattle, mending fences, clearing brush and trees, etc. One learns quite a bit about work, sweat, cuts, bruises and the reward that they bring. However, since I went to college I have scarcely visited the farms. 

Three things I learned as a kid:

1. Horns don't mean it's a bull. 
2. Cows may have short legs, but they can outrun you.
3. Cows are sneaky.

Yes, cows are sneaky. They are sure-footed creatures that find their way behind you before you know it. 

Since I had a shoot that was postponed, I decided to visit the farm again and capture these curious, lumbering beasts in decent light. 

Hope you enjoy. 


Wait...that's not a cow.

Wait...that's not a cow.

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