Alicia's water broke at 3 a.m. We made it to the hospital by 4.

Alicia's water broke at 3 a.m. We made it to the hospital by 4.

I don't know quite how to start this, other than life has changed forever.

A little over a month ago, my daughter decided to make her way into the world 5 weeks earlier than expected. She's been a ball of joy and energy ever since. Though premature, she came at the perfect moment. My creativity had tanked.  I'd put too much thought and energy into national politics, so naturally I was a bit on the cynical side.

But then she arrived.

But as premies are, she had some complications. Breathing was a bit difficult, her temperature wasn't regulating well and she fell into a vicious cycle not being able to breastfeed while her blood sugar was dropping - fighting the feeding while expending too much energy thus dropping the blood sugar even more. It made for a very exhausting, first few nights. And then of course, she was jaundiced and they wanted to keep her on a light.

All of this makes for a story, and luckily I was conscious enough to document the amazing arrival of my first daughter.

After 5 days in the hospital, we were finally able to go home.

Because of the irregular temperature, she was put on an antibiotic IV. It's hard to work around that glove.

She's over a month old now and time has become my worst enemy. She's already growing up too fast. I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to freeze some of these moments in images.

I have Fujifilm to thank for that. Using the X-Pro 2 has allowed me to make the most of the quick-shot moments, especially in dark environments - which tends to be my entire house. The Classic Chrome and new Acros + G simulation haves become my go to settings, and I'm shooting in JPG rather than RAW. The files are perfect and I really don't have to do much editing to them if any after the fact.

I feel free to just shoot with this system. I don't have to worry about the edit. Combine that with the Instax SP-1 printer and I have photos I can immediately give to friends and family.

This is how photography should be. And it has allowed me to create memories that I hope will be passed down for generations.