A Test with Josh

2016 was the year of Adaline. My time for photography took a backseat to the time I wanted to spend with my newborn daughter. And while Adaline still definitely comes first, life needs its balance.

It's not easy to juggle everything in life, but I realized I needed to keep pushing myself creatively. I was certainly glad when my buddy Joshua Phillips (you may remember him from our VOLUME series) took me up on a quick experimental shoot.

To be honest, the shoot turned out completely different than what I expected. The original goal was to use his hand lettering as a go-between or "gobo". This would, in theory, project the type on him. Well, it didn't turn out that way, mostly due to the size of light and type.

But experimentation is just that - an experiment. It doesn't always come out right. After much trial and error, I proceeded to change a few variables in the light and just give him a couple portraits he could use on social media and the like.

As always, thanks for the help Josh!