A Quick Trip to Texas

It's already February? Really? I'm so late with this...

I don't follow much in the sports world. As a kid I was a big NBA fan (Muggsy Bogues is still my favorite player of all time, I mean c'mon he was 5'3!). I was focused on the saxophone and played some mean doubles tennis in high school. I didn't go to D1 school, so the major athletic rivalries are really lost on me. However, my brother-in-law, Kevin, is a walking sports encyclopedia. The best games to watch are with him in the room. Oh, and he's an avid Razorback fan.

My travel companions.

That being said, my dad, Kevin and I took a quick trip to Houston, Texas just before the new year for the Texas Bowl (Texas v. Arkansas). We went a day early, so we had plenty of time killing to do before the game. We figured we might get a nice day in Galveston, but somebody left the fog machine on in SE Texas. The entire trip was a solid haze. 

Long story short, atmospheric effects are always fun for photographs, Arkansas kicked serious tail and it was a great memory to be made with dad and Kevin at the end of 2014. I really need to go on more road trips.

Hog Walk!

Nose bleed, but not a bad seat in NRG Stadium.

The Arkansas and Texas bands coming together for a patriotic performance.

Not Bulletproof by any means, but sometimes you just have to have a waffle.

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