A New Look


Hello. My name is Matthew Walton and I've tried to design my own logo for almost 10 years.

Well. Not anymore.

We photographers like to gripe a bit about people not paying professionals for their photography, but we're just as guilty of going the DIY route when it comes to our own marketing collateral. 

I figured it was time I have a professional create my visual branding. 

I've always felt it necessary to have a good relationship with the person that creates something that represents you. Enter Joshua Phillips.

Josh is a fellow Workhorse and has become a good friend and coworker over the past year. We've collaborated on several projects together and even developed our hand-lettering and photography Instagram project, VOLUME. I felt he understood who I was and what I bring to my photography and overall aesthetic.

Through out this year, I've spent less personal time behind the camera than I would have liked. You've probably noticed the lack of posts. But even though I've posted less, I've still been working to develop a personal vision. This is a continued push to mesh the photography with my personality. And to represent that, I'm presenting my name as my brand. I am my photography.

This concept hit me immediately.

With that in mind, Josh took my short creative brief and a Pinterest board and developed a simple, but elegant mark. I wanted something I could put on anything, anywhere.

Stamps, stickers, stencils, shirts, you name it...I want to make it.
(By the way this post is brought to you by the letter S).

Of course, along with that, a new site was in order: one that focused on the photography itself. I'm still doing the blog posts, but now you can see the work as a whole and as one voice. 

I have a few projects in development right now, and I can't wait to start sharing the stories on this new platform.

But, for now, you'll have to make due with my latest session.

Ann is a good friend from High School, and I was beyond honored to take her bridal photos. I've never taken bridal shots before, so this was a new experience, but an extremely rewarding one at that.

Thanks for stopping by! There's more to come!