A Little Bit of Travel

From the Southeast to the Northwest, I've been able to enjoy a little bit of travel this summer. Not only was it a mixture of work and vacation, but the shots below are from a mixture of cameras and formats as well.  Traveling throughout the U.S. is extremely rewarding, as you experience all types of environments. In my recent case, the experience was a tropical storm in Florida and desert like conditions in Washington at 103ºF with barely double digit humidity.

I'm thankful for a job that allows me to see more than my backyard. For up to date photos of where I end up, just follow me on Instagram.

Pensacola, FL | Fujifilm x100s

Pensacola, FL | Mamiya RB 67 w/ Portra 400

The Oldest Baseball Park in America | Birmingham, AL | Fujifilm x100s

Birmingham, AL | Fujifilm x100s

Rain over Nebraska | iPhone 6

Wapato, WA | Canon 7D

Forest Fire Haze | Yakima, WA | Fujifilm x100s

Yakima, WA | Fujifilm x100s