Though I want the majority of this blog to be devoted to more stories than "photo jobs," I can't neglect the people who allow me to carry on with this hobby - primarily, high school seniors and their families.

Jacob happens to actually be a part of my family. Not to embarrass him, but I still struggle with his height, as only a few years ago he was a shorty just like me. I'm amazed at how boys transform into young men, not only in stature but in mind, talent and personality. I've been extremely impressed with Jacob over the past year and I know that good things are on the horizon for him as he sets off for my old alma mater, Harding University.

God speed, Jake!


Photo-wise, this is just a small mixed sample of delivered and "non-delivered" photos. I chose a more moody selection than I give to seniors and their parents. The "smile for mom" photos are a given, but the great ones have personality.

I believe this was my first all Fuji shoot. The little cameras performed flawlessly and believe I'll be doing the rest of my senior shoots with them solely!