On the Go

When I promised to post more regularly, I had every intention of doing so. But, as it is, life gets in the way.

One thing I love about my job as a photographer and advertising producer, is the traveling. Most of the time it's nothing glamorous, but it is a chance to go somewhere I've never been. Recently, I've been on location in Chicago, St. Louis and Suffolk, Virginia. Two of those trips were by air - and not just any air - Hytrol Air. We have a great client with Hytrol and we occasionally get the opportunity to document their systems in action. The pictures in this post are focused on the flight back from Suffolk.

 Derek - a constant traveling companion

This was also Drew's first time to fly (above). To paraphrase Drew, "Taking off for the first time was a unique experience...I wanted to hurl. I thought that seeing the ground would help. Nope."

After the first takeoff, Drew was pro, and it was fun to see flight from his fresh point of view.

It's different up in the clouds.

A game of cards to pass the time.

Yo, hold still! I'm gettin' the reflection in your glasses!