Two thousand twelve was a good year. I finished a year-long photo project, bought a new camera, shared many laughs and worked worked worked. I was able to have a handful of senior sessions, a couple engagement shoots and documented my sister's wedding. On the personal side of my passion for photography, I felt a gnawing sense of being unfulfilled. Yes, I was shooting a 365+1 series (a photo every day), but the images didn't tell a story.

I love stories.

Stories are what get me up in the morning - fictional and true to life events that mold the essence of people, the world, my imagination. I've always been interested in what makes people tick. Why do they do what they do? That's what drew me to advertising in the first place. But I want to reach beyond the commercial and the dollar bill. I'll still be doing plenty of that for sure, but I want to take a look into people in different occupations, lifestyles and periods of their lives. I want to tell stories rather than just ingesting them. One of the series I will be pursuing is a look at faith. I hope to be inspired by these accounts as I delve into what fuels their belief in God and Jesus the Christ. I hope to be emboldened by their stories of redemption and struggle to overcome sin and its former hold on their life.

I also want to try my hand at fiction, setting up scenes for a character and creating a world and personality for them.

All of this in an exercise to fuel my love and hone my craft in photography as well as writing.

So for now, I'm paying less attention to what makes me money in photography and more attention to what strengthens me as a whole. I hope you'll come along with me in this journey - and I will post more than I have in the past.

To start things off, I have put together just a small look into a shoot I had last summer with Tom & Hebron, two brothers that are starting a life of music - and the album cover they asked me to create.

More TK.