365 + 1


In 2012, I embarked upon my first 365 project. Of course, it being a leap year, it became a 365 + 1. Now, almost four years later, I'm attempting to do it again. During the last project I felt myself grow as a photographer. That's bound to happen if you force yourself to shoot everyday. I also came away with some of my favorite images even to this day. 

I'll post a collection of photos here after completing each month. There might be some months (starting with October) that will have more images than days. Those days I just couldn't choose between images! But for the most part it's a photo a day. The photos will definitely range from lit portraits,  scenes I find at work, travel and even just day to day life. Some days I have an idea. Some days I'm really searching for just anything.

 You can also find the current project on Instagram by following me @mrwalton. This will give you an insight into the thought behind the photo. Let me know on IG if any of these resonate with you! I can use the encouragement!

Here we go!

October 2015

November 2015

December 2015

January 2016

February 2016